On Campus housing

When I was a senior in high school, I applied to one school, and one school only. That was Southern Utah University. I came and took a tour of campus in early fall and fell in love with it! That was also when I decided my major. Communication. I walked into the television broadcasting studio and fell. In. Love!
The other thing I fell in love with was on campus housing. Seriously. I took a tour of all three apartment complexes. And I chose to live in Eccles. I was so excited to get going and come back the next fall!
But as the school year went on, I started to get nervous. It was the end of March and I hadn’t received the names of my roommates, and I hadn’t received the number of my room. That was scary!
But soon everything came. I got the names of my roommates, and I Facebook staked them right away. They seemed normal… Enough. I was confident about them, however, that was the summer that the movie “The Roommate” came out. That did not help me feel good about the situation at all! I was going to school by MYSELF. I didn’t have any friends, I was alone. And to think that my roommate could be crazy was not comforting.
Once I got to school however, my fears were put to rest. My roommate and I had a really awkward first week. But week after week, we got more and more comfortable with each other. We soon realized that we were so similar and became best friends before fall semester was over.

The real us.

The real us.

We also had a suitemate who we both liked and eventually we three were the like three musketeers of Eccles C, 405!
We got so close that now, even three years later, we are still best friends. My roommate got married about a month ago and the two of us were her bridesmaids! And it’s all because we happened to get stuck together inside on apartment for one year.


The point of this is to let you know that moving to college can be scary, and your roommate might be crazy. But sometimes, the person you room with, or your suitemates can turn out to be your best friends! And I can say that if I didn’t choose to live in on campus housing, I wouldn’t have the two best friends that I have today.


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