Learning Lives Forever

I’d like to start my post with a few simple yet complex questions of Epistemology: 

What is knowledge? 

How do we acquire knowledge?

Why do we acquire knowledge?

I don’t mean to get all philosophical on you, but they are questions worth asking.  I know, I know, you’re thinking:  “If I wanted to learn something, I’d be in class, not on a blog!”  And I’m not here to teach you, but that’s the real core of the matter isn’t it?  How do we learn and what are we learning? 

These are questions every person attending an institution such as University should ask.  Also, it might help in that ever looming situation where your pompous uncle/grandma/dad/brother/etc asks you:  “A [fill in with your major here] degree?  What good does that do you?”  If you have an answer to these questions, you may just have a good answer for him or her and make them feel stupid at the same time (maybe that’s one of the reasons we learn).

The reason I bring these up is because for one, I’ve been asked those questions a lot lately, but furthermore, it helps me remember why I go to this great school in the first place.  We have a well-qualified faculty who know as much as anybody about the subjects we’re learning.  Sure a few of us have that crazy professor who won’t shut up about how time travel is possible if we could only harness the power of duck horns, but esoteric, siloed-in-their-ivory-tower professors aside, the professors here are great!

Think about it, most of our professors have Doctorate degrees.  In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t really go much higher than that in the academic community.  So that means they have the same amount of schooling as those guys over in the “prestigious” schools like Yale, Harvard, Stanford, etc.  Yes, you do get the “name” with those schools, but an education is up to you.  We have the means to allow learning in your field of interest, now it is up to you to do something with that learning.

Fellow T-Birds, I just wanted to remind you why you’re here.  We are students who are here to learn.  That isn’t confined to a classroom nor is it limited to these four years.  We specialize and focus on learning now, but if you don’t know, the motto of our school is “Learning Lives Forever.”  It’s a motto I mean to stand by, and I hope you do as well.   Find the answer to these questions yourself, and you might find you’re much happier doing your homework.


Shawn Domgaard is a Masters student in the Professional Communication program from Gusher, UT.  He graduated with his BA in Comm Studies and Strategic Communication with a minor in Creative Writing in 2013 from SUU.  He is married to the beautiful Rachel Renae Domgaard, an Elementary Ed major from Parowan, UT.  He enjoys myriad things with an eclectic interest.Image

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