“Fall” in love with SUU. (Get it?)

If I could choose my favorite time of the year in Cedar City, it would definitely be October. Even though school is getting more serious and professors give out the bulk of their assignments for the semester during this month, there is nothing quite like walking to class in the crisp autumn air and going out of your way to step on crunchy-looking leaves.

This month it’s finally time to put on boots and scarves and cardigans and curl up in the library with a cup of white hot chocolate and a good book (or a textbook…). And then on the weekends, to put on your favorite oversized SUU sweater and cheer on our T-birds at the football game.

ImageIt’s time for haunted houses that are put together by the greeks on campus, and to start getting together an original costume for the huge Halloween party known as the Scream that happens at the end of the month.

It’s time to bundle up for Forever Red, the concert under the stars that happens for homecoming week, and to start putting on chapstick more often in preparation for True T-bird night.

It’s time to gather all your friends for the next season of the Walking Dead.

It’s time to start running on the indoor track in the PE Building when you’re too scared to brave the cold mornings, and time for afternoon bike rides in Cedar Canyon underneath the changing leaves.

ImageIt’s time to grab some warm cider and a blanket and watch the homecoming parade on Saturday morning.

It’s time to start Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings movie marathons and eat s’mores with your roommates on nights it gets dark and cold too early.

Basically, it’s time just to cherish being at SUU in October, because it’s the best.


Shannon Doty is from Sandy, UT, and is a senior communication major at SUU. She has been involved on campus in many ways, which include being a Presidential Ambassador and working for the University Journal and the admissions office. She loves the personal attention she receives at SUU and has never regretted coming to school here.


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