You know you are a T-Bird when…

So you are thinking of becoming a student at Southern Utah University. Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to as a Thunderbird.

I give you,


1. You have an entire drawer dedicated to red, free, t-shirts.


2. You’ve taken pictures with all of the statues in the Centurium as well as with our dear friend Sharwan Smith.

3. You see your teacher at Walmart.

4. You go hiking in Zion and snowboarding at Brianhead all within the same weekend.


5. You are convinced you have actually been to Hogwarts.

6. You’ve rubbed the head of Gerald R. Sheratt for good luck before a test.

7. You have small place in your heart for Canada because after all, Cam Levins is from there and he went our school.


8. You know that the Bell Tower demands respect.

9. You hear your study group is held in Grandma’s Living Room and you are beyond stoked.

10. Your Instagram feed is strictly images of cedar city sunsets. #cedarsunsets


11. You think a thunderbird is a real animal.

12. There is a lighthouse in your city but the closest beach is 455 miles away.

13. You’ve “seen” the ghost of Old Main.


14. You put extra books in your backpack to make sure you don’t end up in Parowan on a windy day.

15. Taco Tuesday is your favorite day of the week.

16. You spend your entire paycheck on shaved ice.

tiki shack

17. There are more Subway’s than New York.

18. Your professors really do know you by name.


Dylan Lowe is a junior nutrion major from Holladay, UT. She is part of the ambassador organization on campus and loves finding ways to get involved. She loves being a student at SUU for multiple reasons, including the beautiful campus, local national parks, and the great people.


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