Derby Days!

This week, I was asked to be in the Derby Days pageant hosted by Sigma Chi Fraternity to help raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. I am doing this pageant for a few reasons. I used to be a Chemistry major for the purpose of doing research for cancer. Unfortunately, that path didn’t work out for me but I am still passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.

Throughout the week, we have had different events going on to raise money. We have had change jars, Zumba night, a dodgeball tournament, mud football and the end pageant. On Monday, we had penny wars which continued on throughout the week.


I started out being pretty competitive but then I had a small experience which changed my views on the entire Derby Days. I went with my jar of money to collect change from students in the Rotunda and I came to a group of students sitting together. I asked if they had any spare change to donate to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. They all scrounged up what they could and then the last girl handed me 10 dollar bills and some change. Everyone was pretty surprised and she simply said, “I just found out yesterday that my dad has cancer.” My eyes teared up and since then, I have done this small competition for the sole purpose of helping the cancer patients find hope and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation to find a cure.

The competition is only meant to be a fun way to raise money, not to think about ourselves. I’ve learned from this experience that there are people who really need our help and we should do everything we can. I’m so glad I was asked to be a part of Derby Days sponsored by Sigma Chi! It has been a blast and a real eye opener.

ImageMelissa is a junior math education major from Brawley, California. She is a photography minor and loves SUU! In her free time you can find her rock climbing in the P.E. Building or watching the Walking Dead with her friends.


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