Welcome Home!

Hello SUU!

One of the greatest times of the year to get involved in campus life at Southern Utah is Homecoming weekend. This is by far my favorite time of the entire year. Better than the Scream, better than Casino Night, better than Welcome Back Week, just better! There are so many events happening all weekend long like Miss SUU, the Homecoming parade, the Powder Puff football game, the Homecoming game, True T-Bird Night, Forever Red Friday and so much more!

Miss SUU

My sophomore year my friend and I, both of us being severely addicted to Miss America, glitter and competition, decided that we would join the Miss SUU Homecoming Pageant together.

The whole week we rehearsed, prepped are talents, made our Retro Red wear, practiced our walks, tried on dresses and became overwhelmed at the stress of it all. Although it was in a large theatre, the thought never crossed my mind that there would be a lot of people there. Boy, I was wrong. They had to turn people away because it was a fire hazard. I swear I could’ve thrown up.

Throughout the whole process, you really do become good friends with the people who you’re competing against. I still remember laughing as we clumsily tried to look good doing our opening number, spray tanning Samae’s legs outside, asking for each other’s advice on which makeup would go best with which outfit.

Group Photo

Samae, Breanne, Erin, Myself, Ryan, Katelin, Amie, Ali

After it was all over with I was so relieved! It all came down to judging and luckily I got to stand by my best friend while we anxiously awaited the results and…

I was 2nd Attendant! The best news was yet to come, my best friend got 1st Attendant and the lovely Samae Smith won!


Myself, Samae, Amie Photo Credit: Asher Swan

Being in the royalty, we all got FREE sweatshirts. Yes, I said free. We rode in the parade in a convertible and walked out on the football field during half-time. One of the best Saturday afternoons I’ve had at SUU!

Car Picture

Homecoming Parade


Homecoming Royalty at halftime

Even if performing isn’t your thing or you have wicked bad stage fright like myself, the Miss SUU is a great opportunity to overcome your fears, put yourself out there and try something new, different and exciting!

Powder Puff

Even better than the crowns and glamour is the mud and the adrenaline of the Powder Puff football game. I’ve done this the last two years and it is so much fun! You join one of two teams, have practices, make shirts, get some exercise in a fun way and meet new people.

My first year playing our team, Maso Muli (Muscular Butts), dominated. And when I say dominated, I’m talking 30 point lead, almost shut out. It was amazing. I think all of us almost lost our voices from screaming so much. I was bruised for at least a week afterwards but the battle wounds were so worth it. Especially since our coaches threw us a pizza party for winning!


Maso Muli

My second year playing my team, Mahnua Muli (Tight Butts), was not so fortunate and we were destroyed. Not as bad though! They only had 21 point lead on us and that’s ok because it was still ridiculously fun!


Mahnua Muli

To this day, the girls who I’ve played with and against still talk about how much fun it is. I’m even playing with some of them again this year and I probably would have never met them without being apart of this.

Forever Red Friday

The best campus event you will go to! Forever Red Friday is a new tradition taking place on upper campus and it is sure to be one that lasts. It is the ultimate Red Shirt Friday! Even our buildings, Old Main, the Braithwaite building and Carter Carillon, get lit up with bright red lights. Decorations, food, entertainment, pep rally and fireworks.

Carter Carillon

Carter Carillon

Forever Red

Alpha Phi at Forever Red Friday

Not to mention the entertainment that SUU Student Association brings each year. Last year A Rocket to the Moon came! Their performance was AMAZING! This year Hello Goodbye is coming! You could say I’m excited!!


A Rocket to the Moon

Forever Red 2

It is free for anyone and everyone to come! October 11th starting @ 7:30 p.m. and ends at midnight so we can all go to True T-Bird Night!

True T-Bird Night

Ah love is in the air! Love or kissing close friends or random strangers! True T-Bird Night is one of the best traditions that we have here at SUU. If you’ve been on campus near the Centrum you’ve seen Old Sorrel, a statue of the horse who brought the wood that would be used to build Old Main through the snow covered Cedar Canyon over a century ago.

If you kiss someone, a friend, stranger, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, anyone next to Old Sorrel midnight of homecoming night you’re a True T-Bird! The Student Alumni Association even offers lip balm to all participating. Tons of people come out, even our Alum! This is where couples have met each other, where married couples had their first kiss even where engagements happen. Some even try to get the most True T-Bird kisses. The highest I’ve heard is thirty-two!!

True T Bird

I’m proud to say that I am a True T-Bird!!

Homecoming Parade

Every organization comes out to be a part of the parade from athletic teams to the Triathalon Club to the Greeks to the My Little Pony Club (yes, we do have a My Little Pony Club!). Each year Homecoming has a theme and each organization gets to decorate a float pertaining to that theme. Anyone can come out and enjoy the parade and the free candy that’s thrown. It’s a great way for SUU to showcase our organizations to our alumni and our community.


Alpha Phi at the Homecoming Parade


SUU Student Association with their decorated float

Homecoming Game

Football: the great American sport. What’s better than hanging out with friends, showing our school pride and cheering on our Thunderbirds? Always included is the good ‘ol tailgate before the game where our amazing organizations grill burgers, hot dogs and have all kinds of food. Seriously, tailgates are a must to come to! You get food, there’s games, new people and you get pumped up to cheer on our team.


Homecoming Tailgate

Homecoming Game

Come and support our Thunderbirds as they play against Portland State this homecoming, Saturday October 12 @ 2 p.m.!

What’s the best part about Homecoming Weekend is that it really is about the alumni. They are welcome at all of these events, they have their own awards banquet, an alumni band concert, a pancake breakfast and each department has their own reunion.
We’re welcoming them back to what was, for a time, their home away from home. They walked the same halls we did, are True T-Birds, walked down University Boulevard in the parade, cheered on the football team and share the same love for SUU as we do.
Although the thought of my impending graduation and inevitable transition to the real world is scarier than I even thought was possible, I know that I will forever have a home in my alma mater.


Rachel Fullwood is a Strategic Communication major from Kaysville, Utah. She has been involved on campus in many ways through her membership in Alpha Phi Fraternity, SUUSA and working on campus. She first chose SUU after taking a tour and falling in love with the campus; her love for Southern Utah University has only grown.


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