Ahh… the letter that everyone is waiting for. The admissions letter. That prized piece of paper that has your name followed by “Congratulations! You have been accepted to Southern Utah University…” All those AP, honors classes, late night study sessions and group projects are now paying off and you are on your way to college.

Well… those letters are starting to land in mail boxes and we want to see them. Show us your excitement about getting admitted to SUU and we’ll show you the love by giving some lucky future T-birds some free SUU gear. Here is all you have to do:

Every week we will select one lucky future t-bird from the submissions to receive an SUU sweatshirt. Winner will be announced every Monday.

It’s a kind of a big deal to get admitted to SUU and we want to make sure that you are relishing in your accomplishment. So snap those selfies for your shot at some SUU gear because everyone looks good in RED!


(Photo from www.suusa.org/clubs-on-campus)

– The SUU Admissions Counselors

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