High School is Over? What’s Next?


Hey Future T-Birds!

Can you believe it is already your senior year? Before you know it, you will be graduating and off to college. You may be thinking, “How could it get any better after high school?” Or maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I really hope it gets better after high school.” Either way, it does get better. College is on the horizon, and if you invest in your education and choose to attend a school that is a great fit for you, you may just experience the best years of your life.

But where do you even start to think about college? There are so many questions running through your head. You might be asking yourself: Can I really move away from home? What school do I want to attend? What do I want to major in? Am I going to make new friends?  And where in the world am I going to live?

Rest assured, all your questions are normal, and we  want to help answer them. At Southern Utah University, we are experts on what you need to know about going to college.  Let us answer your questions about admissions, scholarships, financial aid, on-campus housing and more!

Our Admissions Counselors may be visiting your high school for college days. If you don’t see us in your high school, you are welcome to visit us online or on campus. We have several different options for a campus visit. If you would like to see what it’s like to be a student at SUU, come to a SUU Preview or SUU Overnight. If you are interested in being a student leader when you come to college, sign up for a Leadership Weekend. Or you can design your own Campus Tour to fit your schedule. And…you might just get a free SUU t-shirt if you come for a campus visit.

Whether you’re ready for high school to end or not, college is coming up quickly! So ask us your questions! We’re here to help.

Enjoy the rest of your senior year, and go T-Birds!


-The SUU Admissions Counselors


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