An Introduction to Me

Hello everyone!  I’m going to start out my first post by introducing myself, my name is Lauren Shafer, and I’m in my sophomore year here at SUU.  I’m a political science major, and a legal studies minor.  I’m really interested in politics and more specifically the Foreign Service; this comes from my passion for travelling. I also work for the Leavitt Center on campus, so if you see me please come say hi.  


A fun fact about me would be that I was raised overseas.  I was born in Ogden, but I moved around the country until I was in the 5th grade.  I then spent three years in Germany, two in Madagascar, and two in Singapore.  Currently, my family lives in Switzerland where I go for Christmas Break, and for the summer. 


Seeing as I’ve moved around as much as I have it’s been hard to find a home.  However, I have found one here at SUU.  In the year and several months I’ve spent in Cedar, I have loved every minute of it.  I’ve had so many experiences and opportunities thanks to SUU. 

Plus it’s beautiful!


I think what contributes to the love SUU and Cedar is the fact that there’s so much to do, there is always something going on if you’re willing to get involved.  I made a little family with the friends I made from going to campus events, such as campus tie-dye and the paint dance, to simply going to movie nights. 


One of my favorite events I have been to at SUU was the Scream.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m a nerd for all things Halloween, movies, food, costumes, you name it.  The Scream was one of the most legendary nights with my friends just because we got to get out and have fun, the dance, the hypnotist, the photo booth, it was all fantastic.  It was one of those things that my friends and I talk about to this day. 



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