This is My Game day Shirt…

Oh man… I really don’t even know where to start. This week was so crazy with so many fun events!

Ready, Set, GO!

1. Game Day. My roommates and I all went and got game day shirts the day before… bad idea…. As you can tell they are HUGE! Why? Because the only sizes they had left were men sizes.  Help! We are drowning….

Game Day

Game Day


But the game was so insane! 49-0!  Way to go T-Birds!!

2.  Immediately after the game was the paint dance. Now if you missed this- KICK YOURSELF!! I’m sorry to say you missed out on an insanely crazy time! It was pouring rain and paint was shooting everywhere. I don’t think a college dance can get better then that.

Paint Dance

Paint Dance


3. Now a little recap about last week.  We had casino night!  My roommates and I had decided on a time we had to be ready. Did that happen? No. We left an hour after we said we would. But what do you expect? I don’t think I have ever changed my clothes, redone my hair and makeup so many times in my life before!

Casino Night

Casino Night

Although that night I learned a very important life lesson: I do not have a very good poker face…

Well Peeps till next time.

If you weren’t able to get to any of these events, make sure you get your homework done and change your work schedule.  You are missing out! These are the things that make college so great!


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