Paint the Town RED

It’s good to back here in C-City, especially after a summer full of twists and turns– moving from Cedar to Salt Lake, then almost moving to California, only to make it to St. George, and then going back to Salt Lake to then move to Washington state. Comprehend that?

Yeah me neither.

It was a little crazy to say the very least.

The thing I love about Cedar City is how welcome I feel whenever I come back. And speaking of feeling welcome… Welcome Week this year was off the CHAIN.

The week kicked off with a delish indoor barbecue… (thank you rain…) which was followed by comedian Jeff Dye on Tuesday. Wednesday the Sharwan Smith Mini Golf Open was going on throughout the entire student center and the girls soccer team played USCB stealing the game by one point.

Thursday, Paint the Town RED, was probably the highlight of my whole week.  All of Main Street was blocked off and tons of students, including the community, stopped by to check it out. An up and coming band named Radical Something played an outdoor concert, and everyone enjoyed the free food and fun vibe. There was also a raffle afterwards and I won a CrossFit Foundations course from CrossFit Cedar City! Look out boys, D-Lowe comin’ through. As far as I know everyone, including myself, had a excellent evening.


Paint the Town Red


Radical Something


The official CrossFit Certificate

The week finished off with a showing of the movie Now You See Me. Now, I planned to go to this because I had never even heard of it. Little did I know that a twenty minute trip up the canyon would turn into a two hour rescue mission. Long story short we ended up helping out two stranded hunters up the canyon who got locked out of their car.

The lesson I learned? Don’t buy mittens. Always gloves. Then the keypad outside of your truck that controls the locks can’t be accidentally changed. You’re welcome. Oh also, help people out. It’s good karma.

And last but certainly not least, Saturday was our first home football game of the season and to say we did well would be an understatement. With a final score of 49-zip the Thunderbirds took the win, starting off their season with a 2-0 record. As a wannabe hardcore college football fan, I was stoked out of my mind.


First home game. 49-0

The thing I love most about SUU is that there is always something to do. Whether it’s enjoying free food in the rotunda or participating in spontaneous rescue missions, an adventure is out there for ya, even if you aren’t necessarily looking for it.

Here’s to a new semester.



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