In The End

Well it is a Tuesday morning. The weather is fantastic, air is crisp, and it is the end of the semester.

Yup it’s finals week.

But I don’t really want to talk about finals. Most of us have faced them before. Some soon will experience, others can reminisce of the days gone by. But finals, in reality, are a reflection of what you learned all year. So that’s what I am going to write about today.

Things I Learned:

I took a genetics class this year. This is a challenging course, I learned a lot, I beat my head against a table a lot, I cheered for joy when the times came. But I can talk to you about mutations, the genetic code and how to translate it. I know some things about population genetics, and I can do some new math.

I am color blind. I have had a grudge against colors most of my life because I suck with them. I have failed multiple times when it comes to matching and identifying colors. But this year I took a 2D design class and I am beginning to like colors now. I understand them. I feel my real tiger paintingissue was I was never taught anything about colors, and I have suffered all my life because of it. So the lesson learned, teach your kids. Never assume.

I have already talked about horses. You can find that post from a few weeks ago

Being engaged is awesome, but sucks really badly. Make sure yours is short.

Take a public speaking class. I learned about how to create a great presentation. I learned that a great presentation is not made up of lots of bullet points on a power point. In fact most power points I ever did growing up really sucked, and I should repent of my wicked ways. Read a book called Resonate, it will change the way you do presentations.

Closing Remarks:

Thanks everyone for reading my posts, and making comments. I have enjoyed this semester when it comes to writing for tbirdnation. I probably wont do it next year. I have a few new responsibilities, and a Bio-Organic Chemistry class that is going to consume me next semester. I hope you all enjoyed your school year. Come to SUU if you are contemplating it, and have a fantastic summer.

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