Every year, SUUSA puts on a pageant for Mr. SUU as part of Sunfest! Sunfest is a week long of activities right before dead week, which is a week where campus-wide activities are prohibited. I believe Sunfest is held so that students can have some last minute fun before cramming for those finals!

Any male student can apply for Mr. SUU and it’s always a blast to enjoy. This year there were seven beautiful contestants. Today’s pageant consisted of two sections: a talent section and an evening-wear section with a random questionairre. Some of the great talents we saw tonight were rhythmic gymnastics, acoustic guitar performances, a piano performance, and stand-up comedy. I have to say that my favorite performance was when one of the contestants did rhythmic gymnastics to “Colors of the Wind” from Pochahontas.





In the evening-wear section, the question that stood out to me was “If you could have only one of the qualities listed, which would it be? Beautiful, intelligence, or rich?” The contestant chose beauty because he believed that almost anything could be attained with beauty. By the way, there was some spiffy outfits tonight! Looking good, guys!




Judges left briefly as the audience was entertained by Little Big Heart, a local band comprised of many great SUU students.


The constentants waited nervously for the results.


The titles awarded were 2nd Man Attendant, 1st Man Attendant, and Mr. SUU. Those who won one of the titles were given a brand new scooter! I’m way jealous!


In the end, Joey Cardenas took the win as Mr. SUU! All hail the new king!


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