SUU is full of Excellence

This past week, SUU was able to put on the very 1st Festival of Excellence! This was a campus wide conference where students and professors alike where able to present their ideas or things that they had done in school with the rest of the student body. Classes where suspended and every student was encouraged to go and see what was offered. We had many seniors present their Cap Stone projects for SUU’s Edge projects and we had professors present on topics that they had written on.

The morning stated off early with a performance by our Cheerleaders and an introduction to the things that were provided for the rest of the day. Along with other single presenters, such as the students and professors, a Poster Session was held where many people or groups of students where able to present their findings on research projects they did, whether for Psychology or other things. I was privileged enough to have  the opportunity to present with 2 other students on a Psychology research project that we conducted for more than a month. It was nice to be able to talk to students about what I had learned and share my findings.

The idea behind the Festival was to get students more engaged in the academics, as well as open other student’s eyes to things that they may not have know before and give them ideas to do more with their education. Which is actually what SUU is all about. We want students to take control of their education and do what they want with it and experience many different things.

Chelsea Kimptom, a junior History/Anthropology major, said that she really enjoyed having the Festival on campus and she was happy that we were able to have it and hopes that it will become an annual thing.

So when you think about where to attend, keep in mind that you’ll only find the best form of excellence at Southern Utah University 🙂


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