Power Outages

Oh that awkward moment in my life when I really should get out of my bed and go out to greet society, but I haven’t showered in two days. Lo and behold as I crawl out of bed I learn from my roommates’ wild shenanigans that the power is out in the dorms. I think nothing of it until I walk into the bathroom, ready to shower. It is then that I realize that I would have to shower in the darkness. I had to think to myself – should I shower in the dark or go on another day without it? Possibly stumble around in the darkness and slip or harm society with poor hygiene? I was caught between a rock and a hard place.

But don’t fear! That is why we have flashlights on our phones! (And real flashlights around the dorm)

I was able to become squeaky clean with 29% brightness or so in the bathroom! I had a moment of epiphany as I would close my eyes. “Hey. It’s dark when I shut my eyes.” When we shower, water gets in our face and we tend to close our eyes, so it’s already dark in that aspect. We’re all experienced at showering in the dark.

Don’t worry. I felt safe after having this epiphany.

Living on your own teaches you to improvise sometimes!

P.S. Why isn’t there a picture? Because it’s totally pitch black, silly goose.


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