Crunch Time

As the semester winds down, I can’t help but think of the great fun I’ve had, the new friends I’ve made, and the opportunities for growth I’ve faced.

One thing I really enjoy is being able to work at the University Journal, the newspaper on campus. I have grown so much as a writer and writing is a skill that is necessary in almost every career. It’s been fun taking story assignments that get me out of my comfort zone and expose me to new things.

Considering the hours all the Journal staff puts in, we really aren’t paid, especially the fantastic editor-in-chief, Whitney, but we do it because we love it. I also like seeing my name in print. I’m kinda vain like that.

There is nothing so terribly discouraging as having your story colored red with the revision notes of a copy editor, but also nothing more encouraging as having a story come back from the copy editor with only a few corrections/revisions.

It’s a phenomenal experience and I’m excited to continue working there next year.

I think writing AP (Associated Press) style is something everyone should experience. It definitely makes you think. And it also makes you grow as a writer.


News editor Ginny, EIC Whitney lurking, and me in the Journal office. We have a good time all the time.

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