Called to Serve

service projectThe feet marched to the sound of the call. What call you might ask? The call to action! The call to serve! And the thunder came and the T-Birds arrived to do their civil duty to those who fought in a war that eventually made up “the greatest generation.”

Hopefully you liked my flowery introduction to a service project I had the opportunity to be apart of. I currently belong to the Cedar City Young Single Adult 10th Congregation for the LDS church. My job is to plan Monday night activities. When the congregational leader (bishop) asked if we could do this activity for a Monday activity, I was happy to let them take over the evening.Ravena

So at 5 o’clock we gathered together our congregation and one other, which all are SUU students, and headed out to the service project. The project was to help out a World War II veteran named Ravena. She use to fly planes from the factories out to California to be shipped across sea’s and to the front line. That was cool to find out.

When we arrived we found out the project; which was to help bring her yard back to life. At the age of 90 it becomes very difficult to maintain your yard, so we were called in to save the day. With chainsaws, shovels, rakes, and willing hands we went to work.

Everyone working



getting rid of those unwanted branches

pete working



T-Birds Represent!





It was a great service project, and everyone had a fantastic time. There is always someone out there that we can help, and we T-Birds are always excited to help. Hope everyone had a happy Easter and enjoy the rest of your week.


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