Midnight Movies

This week, my roommates and I will be at the midnight premier of The Host. Looking at my ticket, I thought back to the another midnight premier I’ve attended with my roommate, Bethany. We’ve been together since October 2011 and were lucky enough to see The Hunger Games last March together. We were front row Joes for that event. We arrived at 9 pm and there were no seats left. It makes me wonder if we’ll be going to The Host early to get good seats or if we’ll be stuck in the front forever craning our necks.

I was just thinking about how fun it is to go to a movie premier at this time of my life. I won’t be young forever. That thought got me thinking about this time of my life where I will never get to experience it again. These last two years have been really fun, but lately, things have mellowed out a bit. I think I’ve gotten into a slump of things. It’s that moment when you hit routine and you just go through the motions. I want to get out of it and I’m going to. It’s good to take breathers, but now is the time to be really kicking things forward. Finals is coming up. Summer is almost here. Great things will start to happen, but I’ve gotta get up and maybe you’re in the same boat I’m in.

So I just want to tell you to enjoy what time you do have. Enjoy the moment because it won’t happen again.

Go and experience more.

(Yes, my entire post was just a segue into this promotional video)


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