Things I Learn From Horses


Life lessons come in the most interesting places some times. We often think they should come from our hard classes, our teachers, our parents, but I recently have been getting mine from horses. Let me explain.

So I take a Horsemanship class here at SUU, and I love it. I first began taking this class because I wanted experience working with large animals and for fun, but the more I go the more I gain in new ways. I remember what the teacher said at the beginning Horsemanship 1

“The things you learn here will help you in more then horse back riding. It will help you in your school, your relationships, your family, and dealing with your children.”

I did not get that statement at first. It was foreign. I could not see how riding horses could effect every aspect of my life. I of course was only beginning a relationship at that time and was not far into it like I am now. I also was a good student, how could this class help me there besides boosting job potential and adding another credit, I did not know. And I definitely did not have a family and kids to take care of, so I felt like it was a cool statement but nothing more then that.

But now that it has been a few months I am beginning to see things in a new light and it all began a few weeks ago. I was trying to ride with proper technique , (Poorly might I add) and in the process I got beat up… badly. I came home from horsemanship sore. My butt hurt, I had rubbed the inside of my legs raw, and I was stiff for days. Later as I was speaking with the teacher he said that we sometimes have to beat ourselves into submission before we realize that what we are doing is wrong.

Lesson 1- Life hurts sometimes and its usually caused by our own mistakes. Recognize them and change.

Lesson two came from an incident when trying to catch the horse. Catching the horse means going out into the pasture and “catching” it. Well I went out there and made some mistakes when it comes to body language and let the horse become confident in that he was the boss and I was not. Well that is not good. When working with horses there is always the relationship of who is boss and who is taking orders.horsemanship

When the horse is boss, he does what he wants and you have a miserable time. When you are boss, the horse is happy and so are you. Well I did not come across as boss, and it was a ruff start of a day. After the teacher had some one on one with the horse, the horse began acting like he should and it went smooth from that point out.

Lesson 2- Be the boss of your situations. If you are in a study group and no one is taking charge, step up. Be the leader, be the one to spear head activities. It takes a leader to ride a horse, it takes a leader to survive in this world today.

Lesson three came over a period of time but took me two consecutive classes of being beat up by my horses to begin to understand it. When exercising one of the most important things you can do is be consistent. In school it is important to be consistent. In dating someone it is important to be consistent. It dealing with those around you it is important to be consistent especially your kids (if you have them or soon to have them).

When riding horses it is important to be consistent.

I have been too inconsistent when riding my horses. I was not giving the animal consistent cue’s, I was not sitting properly and moving in time consistently. Thus I got beat up… really badly.

Lesson 3- Be consistent. We all have been back and forth in our lives, and that can be good, but be consistent on how you interact with those around you. Why? Because it can end up hurting you.

Those are my life lessons I have for you guys.

Till next week, have a great life, and use these lessons.



2 thoughts on “Things I Learn From Horses

  1. what I learned when I used to ride and care for horses is that they are stronger then you and you must never assume you can ride any horse. lol. I learned that if I suck at riding and being a good leader then don’t expect the horse not to freak out when I freak out, lol. also I learned to that once you learn how to ride better get more confidence how much fun it is, especially when you have a really patient horse. I also learned that if I ride a horse I am not skilled enough to ride (because I watched to much cowboy movies) then don’t be surprised if I get hurt physically and mentally when that horse runs away and throws me into a barbed wire fence. ouch!! I learned caring for horses is a lot of work and not everyone wants to ride your horse or get a horse to ride with you, that they cost alot of money and most times you end up riding alone. I learned to start second guessing myself not just in riding but in all areas of my life, amazing how one or two bad incidents can cause you to doubt yourself in other areas unrelated to riding. but i still love horses very much and wish I could ride again. to many riding places have weight limits and I supercede them. just as well.

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