Juniper Hall: The end

I  never lived in the student housing complex known as Juniper Hall. But I know many people who did. People who lived in Juniper, LOVED Juniper. Last year there were some irreparable problems and they had to move everyone out mid-semester. Yesterday, a part of every former-Juniper-resident’s heart was torn into little pieces as SUU said goodbye to the building forever.

Juniper Hall

Juniper Hall

Juniper Hall

Juniper HallThe good news is that there are still many wonderful residence halls on campus and hundreds (or thousands) of off-campus housing options. Someday there will be a Juniper Hall replacement. In the meantime, you have my permission to cry just a little bit. Or a lot. (Or cheer if you’re one of THOSE people.) All emotions are welcome when an era ends. Goodbye Juniper Hall…here’s to the future of SUU student housing.


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