130225_0002As everyone may notice I am an active person. I like going and doing, playing sports and hiking. Well a few days ago I had the opportunity to play walleyball. If you are unfamiliar with this let me explain. It’s like volleyball but you play it in a racquet ball court. You can use the walls to bounce the ball off of so that adds a new element to the sport.

Well at the P.E. Builiding (J.L. Sorenson Physical Education Building) here at SUU there are about 6 racquet ball courts and you can rent them out for free (if you are a student). So with some preparation we had two courts reserved and at 7 o’clock we hit the gym and had a good time. We did it as a church activity so we had a decent turn out of about 15 people using up both courts.

I like the PE buliding, there is always a good time there. If you are ever in need of something to do, hit up the rock wall, basketball and racquet ball courts. Or just take a swim.


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