Be Bold, Be Real, and make an Impact!

It’s that time of year again! Where the high schools pull out the ballots and the assemblies to introduce the hopeful candidates for the next year’s student government. When I graduated and left high school, I thought my days for voting and running for a position were over! How wrong could I be?! Starting yesterday, SUU students got a taste of what running for student government in college includes. There are three different parties, the Be Real campaign, the Impact campaign, and the Be Bold campaign, who all have an executive board and a board of senators for each college who are running. So the basic structure is the same, but the intensity of who to vote for is 100 times more. The person you vote in to your student government for college has the ability to get money for your college, meaning more scholarships. They also have the ability to affect the student fees. So, learning about everyone’s platforms is really important.

I like being in college and having the idea that I can make a real difference in how things play out in my college and in the university.

Voting week for student government is really fun. Not only do you get to meet a bunch of really cool people, but you also get a ton a free stuff! Free shirts and awesome watches! So when you come to college, look out for this week! And when you get older, run for a position, and get involved directly in your education! 😀

Here are the three different campaign designs. (None of the pictures belong to me)


Here is an Impact campaign poster 😀


Here is a Be Real campaign advertisement!


Here is one of the cool advertisements for the BOLD Party on campus.


Ok, here is a really cool picture of the 3 different parties that I found on a friend’s Facebook page. The picture isn’t mine, but it belongs to Kevin Robert.


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