Roommate Reunion

Roommates of 2011-2012

Roommates of 2011-2012

Over the semesters and years at college, you’ll accumulate a variety of different roommates. Some will have crazy personalities while others will be mellow and calmer. Some will make you do crazy things such as dress up for an awkward family photo while some will not.


Awkward Family Photo

Some will stay with you until you graduate, others will transfer or leave school after a semester. One of my roommates decided to do the latter.

She decided she would trek the nation in a car to Florida.

Did I think she’s crazy? Yes. Every time she talked about it. But you know what? She made it to Florida, stayed there for several months, and came back to Cedar City to visit before moving back home. Oh and she’s going to Baltimore soon.

Reuniting with this crazy woman and other roommates has never felt sweeter.


One day you too, will have roommates with thousands of different memories shared among you. Then you’ll make even more memories when you reunite. Look forward to them!



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