Three Day Adventure

Cathedral GorgeOk… So I love three day weekends. I think I can say that is true for most everyone. Unless you are a stickler and have no friends/social life, then you might hate three day weekends. But I bet that is not an accurate representation of the population as a whole. Well enough with my blabbing lets get onto the story of a three day adventure.

So in reality I did not do anything all weekend long except homework until Monday hit. I had called my parents and asked them if they would be interested in doing something on Monday. Low and behold they were. So they came down and we headed out to one of SUU’s fun geological neighbors, Cathedral Gorge. For all you students who follow this, directions to the park are easy.

  • Head west on 200 north until you can’t head west anymore. (a little over an hour)
  • Make a right
  • Drive 1 mile
  • Turn left
  • arrival

It cost 7 bucks to go into the park, but if you spread this amount up with friends, this whole trip could cost like 3 bucks a piece.

Well what to do here? There are a few hikes and there are these things they call caves, but in reality they are these crazy cool slot canyons that you can wander around in. I will let the pictures explain from here. But this place is awesome.


Cathedral Caves


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