The things we do….

Hey everyone! I am actually blogging on time today!! WOOHOO! ;D 

Anyway, one thing that I have really enjoyed about college is the fact that I can go out and do crazy things (not that crazy.) for people and with people! It’s a real blast. Take this for instance. There have been a couple really awesome times that I have been able to go out and play in the snow in the middle of the night with my friends, right outside our apartment. I’ve been able to go on Tacco Bell runs for my entire floor. Just fun things like that. Last night, because I am a Community Attache, I was able to go  and heart attack all the doors in the Resident Halls last night for they could wake up on Valentines and have something to make their day brighter. I was a lot of fun! 


Sorry about the terrible picture, but here is one of the doors we decorated! 450 hearts cut out in total!

As I was decorating the hall ways, I decided that I really wanted to heart attack my friend, who has been stressing lately, and hopefully make his day a little brighter. I had a lot of help and at about 1:30 am we went to his house to heart attack his Jeep, and it wasn’t there!! So, because it was so late, we resorted to heart attacking his apartment door. Luckily we had put his name on  some of the hearts! After we were done, his door was COVERED! It was soo awesome. I got a text from him about 2 hours later in utter surprise. He was so happy.


Here is his door! My friend took this and sent it to me when I got the text about him loving it. 😀


My mission was complete! I was so happy that I had the opportunity to go out and help someone. In college, you can do a lot of things like this! Because you don’t have your parents there anymore, you actually have to do your own service 😉  So when you attend college, keep in mind that even though you are all grown up, everyone still needs help and to be served every once in a while. 🙂


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