Snowshoeing, Cedar Breaks

104_4505There are a few advantages of going to school here in Cedar City. One, it is awesome and has some great programs. Two, the people are great and the girl to guy ratio is something like 2:1, so guys you have choices. Three, you are in the heartland of outdoor activities. SUU has two national parks withing an hour and half of campus. There are two or three state parks in about the same distance and we have one of the coolest national monuments within 20 minutes, and that is what I am going to talk about today.

About a week ago my fiance and I had the opportunity to go to Cedar Breaks on a snowshoeing excursion. Every winter during the months of January and February they have free (yes I said free) snowshoeing up at Cedar Breaks that is guided by their park rangers. There is a local meet up spot, usually in the Cedar City Visitor Center where everyone gathers in the morning and then carpools up the mountain.

After a bit of a drive and a stop at Brian Head Ski Resort, we headed up the road until we could go no farther. Here we hopped out of the vehicles and strapped the snowshoes onto our feet and began our adventure.

I feel like pictures right now would do this story more justice then me just telling you. So here we go.


This is the beginning of the hike. Walking down hill is much easier then anything else. Also remember, you cannot really walk backwards so to make any type of technical turn is a guaranteed way to end up falling.


After going and exploring a little on our own, we took a rest on a snow bank. All that walking and shuffling over heats you. It was 24 degrees up there but we were walking around in just our long sleeve shirts.


We headed into the woods after our stop and saw some cool things. Also take note, don’t walk to close to trees, especially little ones like this. The snow builds up around them and creates big open pockets that you can sink down into and is difficult to get out of.


After stopping at the ranger outpost and enjoying lunch we headed back and took some pictures along the ridge. We had a lot of fun that day and the great part of it all was that it was free for both of us to go! Check it out when you guys come down.


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