It’s More Than Just a Fruit.

It has recently come to not only my attention, but the attention of almost every student on campus that the SUU Bookstore had partnered with Apple. The benefit of this?? Apple is going to put products in our very own bookstore, starting on February 14th! Can I tell you how happy that makes me? Sure I may be known as the PC girl to my roommate (I have a PC laptop, windows phone, windows tablet) and she is the Apple chic (the one with the iPad, iPhone, and Mac), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely enjoy Apple products and the quality that they are known to have. The fact that SUU was chosen to work with Apple to bring this to us, is an achievement in and of itself. Because we are a smaller university, one wouldn’t expect us to have this awesome opportunity, however this just proves that SUU really is the best in the West. As universities start moving towards technology, such as having e-textbooks, the bookstore that provides these textbooks for students needs to be moving with technology as well. Bringing Apple to SUU will help with this factor.  I am excited to go and support the bookstore on this.

It’s a really awesome thing for the university, but what’s in it for the students? Well, if you are attending SUU, you can come in to the Apple store and get all of their products (besides iPhones) and accessories at really good student discounts. Being a poor college student, this is a fantastic idea in my opinion. and if it’s not reason enough to go get something, I don’t know what is.

SUU has so much to offer, and I can see it expanding and growing as the years go on. So, why then miss out on it? 🙂

Here are some pictures of the window display for the promoting of the Apple Store 🙂 (all picture courtesy of my friend Kaley Read)


Here is the window display for the soon to be Apple Store add on!


Just another closer, less reflective view 🙂


We are Apple Authorized 😉

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