Talent Shows

talent showLast Friday I participated in the first talent show of my life and it was awesome!

I work on campus as a SANS mentor… Which means I tutor students, but we share an office with another organization here on campus called REAL Peer Mentors. They are the organization here at SUU that is responsible for educating students about healthy life styles. They cover a whole range of stuff like drug and alcohol awareness, tobacco use, sex education and healthy bodies. Well this past week was healthy bodies and so they were throwing a talent show so people could show off what they could do with their bodies. (I know that sounds strange but they had it worded better then me so stop by their place for more details)

Anyways, so here I was walking out of the office and I was stopped by one of the ladies handing out hot coco and she said I should sign up for the talent show. I thought about it, then decided to go for it. Like I said, this is the first time I have ever done one of these in my life, so I was a little nervous, but luckily for me I do have a talent, photography.

I picked up photography my first year in college and have enjoyed taking nature photo’s the most, so I had a decent collection of images. That evening I went home and edited them and added some touch ups to make them look as natural as they could and then headed off to campus to do my first ever photography presentation.

Soon after I arrived I found out that I was going to go first, which is OK for me, but was still unexpected. I have given plenty of presentations in my life so I am confident with doing this type of stuff. A few minutes later the show began and I kicked off the event. I feel like I did a great job a had a lot of fun presenting. Here are some pictures from the event and some of my photography that I showed everyone.


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