Off the Cuff Comedy

Some people like improv comedy, some people don’t. I found it to be one of those experiences worth having at least once so that I can gauge how much I like it. Off the Cuff is an improvisation comedy company located in on Main Street in Cedar City. The Honors Program brought OTC to campus for the Honors Opening Social.

I had never been to an improv performance before. My friends had told me that OTC was incredibly hilarious.

They were dang right.

I laughed so hard that my cheekbones hurt. My smile felt like it was permanently plastered onto my face. I really loved how the group always kept the ball rolling and being original with their humor. It was definitely family friendly with material that wasn’t too offensive. It was proven to truly be entirely improv because they have the audience come up with the topics right before performing.

If you get a chance, give OTC and improv comedy a shot!


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