I Bring Death to Brooms

DCIM100GOPROHello world! My name is Nathan and I am a new blogger for tbirdnation. I hope you enjoy my stories and tales of great adventure. I guess I should mention a bit about myself first. That’s me in the picture. Yup I am riding a horse, and it’s for college credit, but that is another story all in its self.

I am a junior here at SUU studying biology. I am big into the outdoors and adventures so more often than not you will hear about that from me. The other big thing I should mention is that I am recently engaged and couldn’t be happier. But enough about me and my details lets get onto the story.

Lets start this off with an equation:

Gym + Single Adults + Brooms + Tennis Ball = Awesome = Broom Hockey.

Well like many of the student here on campus I am a church goer, and my responsibility is to plan activities for people to do on Monday nights, and last night was broom hockey. It was a blast! Now I bet you are wondering what broom hockey is? So broom hockey is kind of like street hockey, but there are no skates, no hockey sticks and no puck. Instead we have shoes; brooms and a tennis ball (remember the equation).

So it began great and there were sticks flying and tennis balls going everywhere. People were having a great time then we suffered the first broom casualty. It occurred about 5 minutes into the match when a group of people converged onto the ball. Someone then swung at it to clear if from the pack and that broom collided with someone else’s and snapped in half. That was the beginning.

It was not long before there were more broken brooms then functional. But the game went on and the carnage continued. Plastic decorative covers exploded, more broom heads went sliding everywhere. By the end I was only using a broom head because my broom was severely dead. When all was said and done there were 14 broken brooms, most un-salvageable.


The victory prize for the evening though was a good story and some cookies.

And for everyone who lost a broom that night… I am sincerely sorry.


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