You can never be bored at SUU

Hey everyone! Sorry I am posting so late in the day! I woke up later than planned and I have been in classes all day. I hope you forgive me.

Anyway, one of the BEST things about SUU is that it has SO many opportunities to be involved in anything and everything! The campus has clubs galore (Club Week has been this week and it’s so great to see all the awesome clubs!). No matter what you like, there is a club for it. If there isn’t, you can make a club so easily through SUU Student Association that it’s ridiculous. Campus also has an amazing PE building that has everything you could want in a gym including a climbing wall! Wait, what?? Yeah, that’s right. We have so many things to offer to the students that one should never have nothing to do. My favorite thing to do in the PE building (besides swimming in the Olympic sized pool) is to go to the Zumba class that is offered by a fellow SUU student. Every Monday-Thursday, I and a ton of other students have the opportunity to go to the class for an hour and dance our worries and stresses away. 😀 Not to mention, the workout is amazing! I feel so good after the class.

One major part of your college experience should be about how much you get involved. If you come to college and decide to do nothing but sit in your apartment watching TV, college is going to suck for you. However, the more you go out and do things the better off you’ll be and the more people and connections you’ll make. I love having things to go do in the evening. I love being able to look at SUU’s website and see that there is something going on almost every day. It’s really awesome.

Here, at SUU, you’ll never be bored if you are willing to get involved. Even if it’s just in a small way.


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