Tall Heights

One of the things I love about SUU is the music scene. SUUSA LOVES to bring bands to SUU! Last Thunder Thursday, we were privileged to have Tall Heights, a folk duo band from Boston! I really enjoyed this band because there’s a totally unique aspect to it; Paul Wright plays the cello and it is beautiful. Tall Heights has a melancholy feel to it with soothing vocals and a beautiful cello to go along. Give them a listen!

I absolutely loved how SUUSA ran this event. It was in the ballroom and had a coffee house feel to it. Tables and chairs were set up while coffee, hot chocolate, Italian sodas, water, and brownies were lined up by the east and north walls. I also love how these events are free as long as you bring your student I.D.! I highly recommend the Italian sodas if you get a chance to come to SUU.

Anyways, I was the luckiest girl in the room because I had the privilege of being a merch-girl for Tall Heights. A merch-girl is the girl who sells the band’s CDs, T-shirts, posters, etc before, during, and after the show. As a person involved with SUUSA, I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Paul Wright had asked one of the directors for someone who could sell their memorabilia and I just volunteered on the spot.

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing because I’d never had a job in sales before. The criteria was simple enough though; CD’s were $5 and all I had to do was tally up the sales and gather money. It was really fun coaxing people into buying CDs and just chatting with strangers. I really enjoyed myself.

My ultimate reward was two autographed free EPs, one free autographed poster, and a picture with the lovely duo. Being a merch-girl for three hours was totally worth it, even without the materialistic rewards. I just love being able to do random jobs at times like this. I don’t know if I’ll have an opportunity to be a merch-girl again, but it sure was fun!

Tall Heights, my friend Park, and I

Tall Heights, my friend Park, and I

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