First Name Basis

When those SUU representatives, booklets, and pamphlets etc., tell you that SUU’s faculty knows you on a first name basis, they are not lying. I have just experienced it personally today in my Interpersonal Communication course.

Here’s a little back story to my awkward moment of today. Last semester I became a Communications major and took my first Communication class, Comm 1010. This class was taught in the Speech and Presentation Center. Throughout the semester I became acquainted with the people who worked in the center, including Assistant Professor Jonathan Holiman. Eventually he learned who I was, but he used to call me Jenny and it was hilarious. Anyway, I became interested in doing an internship in the Speech and Presentation Center and talked to the Director and Professor Holiman about it here and there. However, Professor Holiman was under the impression that I wanted to intern this Spring semester when I actually am more interested in interning next semester.

So today in Interpersonal Communication, a course Professor Holiman is teaching, I’m sitting there taking lovely notes and listening to him use an example about the interns in the Speech and Presentation Center.  His words literally went like this, “The interns know not to disturb me when I have that sign.” All of a sudden I look up from my notes and I lock eyes with him for a split second. “Jessica, why aren’t you interning this semester?”

Yes, he stopped mid lecture to ask me that question.

Yes, I was caught off guard.

Every single person in the room turns around and looks at me and I’m like a deer in the headlights. Keep in mind, this is only the third time in class that we’ve all met. There is way too much attention on me and I was not ready for it. I can feel my face turning red and all I can spew out is, “Next semester.”

He said, “Oh, I thought you were interning this semester.”

I’m so caught off guard that I could only shake my head and repeat, “Next semester.”

He moves on with the lecture from there, but I’m still feeling red from the embarrassment. I’m pretty sure everyone knows my name now.

I truly have experienced first name basis.

We’re not lying when we tell you we will know your names and remember you.



I just wanted to insert a picture because it spices up the blog entry… and I just wanted to throw a creepy face at you.


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