Reunited and it feels so good!

Hello! Hey! How’s it going?!

Man it’s so good to be back to SUU. I had an amazing Christmas break at home with the family, but being back to college life with all of my friends is definitely the best.

Just as something fun, I took a picture of campus as I was leaving for home and my first time back on campus.


Campus three weeks ago…


Campus on Monday!

It so good to be home 🙂

Anyway, as it has been mentioned before, SUU has had Welcome Back week for all the students. The activities have been a blast and last nights was just as good. Last night SUU brought to the students a comedian by the name of Adam London. He had the crowed laughing in no time. It was really nice to relax (well relax as much as much as I could because I was laughing harder at my friend who was dying of laughter) and take a night just to laugh away any homework stresses that might have built up. You know what they say, laughing is the best remedy for anything, including a dead brain from doing a bunch of math homework!

I can’t wait for the rest of the week’s activities and the rest of the school year.

College, semester 2? Bring it on. I got this!

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