Welcome Back!


You’re back!

I’m back!

Welcome back to tbirdnation!

The Winter Break was good to me as I got to rest lots and spend time with family and friends. Oh, and hibernate lots with my laptop, video games, movies etc. I was quite the hermit this break. Anyways, with the new semester coming, life feels a bit different! A lot of friends have left for their different path ways. Nonetheless, I will keep on keeping on!


Just a little preview of what it looked like while we were setting up.

As Eric mentioned, this week is Welcome Back Week! As part of SUUSA, I got to help my director with the event “Dive-in Movie.” It’s a parody of “Drive-in Movie.” We basically set up a movie (The Bourne Legacy) in the P.E. Building. It was hosted in our swimming pool room. The white screen was set up on the far end of the pool. Students got to swim and play with their floaties a little bit before the movie played. We didn’t leave out the dry landers though! Many students came and sat on the chairs set up along the pool to enjoy the movie.


Look at this stud! He blew up 9 floaties in roughly half an hour!

P.S. I can’t swim.


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