Experience More

Oh my heck. Where did the time go? Last year around this time I was a Freshman! And if we look at last year in October, well, I was being evacuated out of Juniper Hall! Let’s take a glimpse into the past for a few minutes.

Last Fall semester (2011) I lived in good ol’ Juniper Hall. This building was traditionally styled with community showers and bathrooms and a long narrow hallway with 18 bedrooms connected through the hallway. Two people shared a room except the Resident Assistant. There was a community living room right smack dab in the middle of the floor. Suffice to say, it was quite the close quarters with everyone. And I really mean, EVERYONE.


Who wouldn’t want to live in this glorious building?

I really liked living there though. There was a really strong family atmosphere that had developed on my hall, the Honors Hall (C300). We were a whirlwind of different personalities and craziness, but we really learned to mesh and to experience everything we could. I miss the community feel, the infectious laughter down the hallway, and even the crazy late night stampedes in the hallways sometimes! I miss those white, white not-so-pretty brick walls and scary balconies. I miss stairwell talks and hallway stories. I miss my Freshman friends. I miss it all. I miss our little Juni’. So I’m dedicating this post to the 50 year old Juniper Hall.


My RA is better than yours. She tied my shoes and then gave me a piggy back ride down the stairs.

I just felt this urge to tell you that as a Freshman, making the decision to come to SUU and experience dorm life changed my whole life. And I know it can change yours, too. So, considerate it please.

Experience more.


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