The turning of a page.

It seems unreal that I’ve reached the end of my time at SUU.  And how do I sum up years of experiences, memories, and lessons learned in a simple blog post? As I prepared to write this final entry, I tried to find photos from the past 3.5 years that documented the finest moments. Thumbing through nearly 10,000 photos on my laptop, it was impossible to end up with fewer than a hundred.

This post allowed me to reflect on my time spent as a Southern Utah University student. What did I find? Well, I’d like to show you.

suusenior…that even as a high school senior, I knew SUU was where I belonged.


…that, because of supportive friends, I participated in SUU Idol, open mic nights, and Miss SUU.


…that it’s fun to take different classes (like radio. and horsemanship. rock climbing. and graphic design).


…that I can do hard things like write, edit, and design for a newspaper (sometimes with the help of a fake mustache or 44 oz. Dr. Pepper), take a challenging class, or get an A in my Comm Theory capstone course.


…that I can be a part of an organization (Presidential Ambassadors) & take silly photos in vacuumed-packed trash bags at summer retreats.

DSCN9493…that I can have views like this …


…and this in my backyard.


…that I can support one of our 140+ clubs and run a 5k, dressed as a zombie.IMG_7443

…that coworkers can also become great friends.


…that I could feel like a princess in the Homecoming Parade.


…that having 53 roommates (I lived in big houses!) throughout the years can be serious fun.


…that I can make best friends who I still talk to weekly, even halfway across the country.


…that campus is beautiful. DSCN1070

…that there are amazing professors who teach you in the classroom (and in a foreign country).


And overall, I’ve learned that there are people who will be my friends much longer than the years I’ve been here, that the most important lessons learned didn’t result from theories, equations, or keyboard shortcuts … but from challenging times I endured, hard decisions made, unexpected friendships, and spontaneous adventures.

So, my dear SUU, thank you.

Thank you for the friends. The memories. The education. The laughter. The tears. The experiences.

I also posted on my personal blog with more words in place of pictures. You can read it here.

5 thoughts on “The turning of a page.

  1. Cheri baby,

    Leaving SUU is a frightening and beautiful experience. I thought I had done all of my learning at college, but I have quickly learned that I was very, very wrong. Life has much in store for you and many more lessons to teach you. I look forward to being friends as we learn those lessons. Yeah, feminism!

    With love,


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