Reasons to Love {SUU}

This semester is pretty much over.

All that is left for me is a couple of minor tests, my jury for music, and my finals. All five of them. Gross.

This semester has given me some wonderful experiences that have made me love SUU even more.

I was in a practice room in the music building working on a beautiful Italian piece, Amarilli, Mia Bella. The practice room that I use is by a door that goes outside. While I was singing (and kind of/trying to play the piano part) someone knocked on the door. It was Mary Anne Andersen, one of the staff pianists. She said, “Would you like me to play for you while you practice? I love this song.” I honestly almost cried. I was really touched that she would make such a nice offer. She was on her way out to lunch when she heard me singing and offered to play. So she played for me for a few minutes.

I love SUU.

SUU has wonderful student involvement with over 140 student clubs and organizations. I really wanted a book club on a campus, so I got it approved and now SUU has a book club! I’m also a member of other clubs including the Music Club, National Association for Music Educators- SUU Chapter, and (my favorite) Dumbledore’s Army- A Harry Potter fan club.

I love SUU.

While walking down a corridor, someone said, “I really like your sweater.”
It was a rough day. That made it better.

I really like to dance (not well, mind you) and I went to three dances just last weekend. Four, if you count playing Just Dance on the Wii at on-campus housing.

The people are nice, the campus is gorgeous, the faculty cares, and Dr. Pepper is stocked at the soda fountains. What more do you need?

I love SUU. And you should, too.


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