NCA 2012

As a student of communication, I’m probably way too excited about my program of study. I’m completely okay with this. For heaven’s sake, I love communication studies enough to be earning a graduate degree in the discipline. And I certainly love it enough to justify my recent travels to Orlando, Florida for the National Communication Association convention (NCA). I joined 8,000 of my closest communication-loving friends for a weekend of all-things-communication. (All my closest friends except Sam. He wasn’t there. Insert sad face here). Education opens doors…like the doors to NCA.

SUU’s Tbirdnation was represented at the conference by four professors, two graduate students, and two SUU Communication-graduate-alumni who are currently pursuing their PhDs at other institutions. Enjoy the photo documentation below, because, as we say in communication, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

Kevin Stein, JR Briscoe, Kyle Heuett, Becky VanSleeuwen, Mike Ault, Matt Barton, and Pat Paystrup. (not pictured, LIndsey Harvell)

At the Oklahoma University Party on Friday evening

Dr. Harvell and me at Gloria Estefan’s restaurant “Bongos”

Tbirdnation REPRESENT! SUU-ites dining together at the ESPN Sports Grill

Disneyworld’s amazing Swan and Dolphin hotel where the convention was held

My roommate for the weekend, Professor Pat Paystrup: expert in environmental communication

And then finally on the plane back home…

Education opens doors. As nerdy as it sounds, the three/four days I spent at this conference were incredibly enlightening to me. It really helped open my mind to some of the future possibilities within the realm of communication. I’ll never claim to be anything but a nerd, and honestly, NCA just solidified this part of who I am. A major key to success in college is finding something you love and running with it. I highly suggest communication.

One thought on “NCA 2012

  1. This post made me wish so badly that I had went to NCA this year. I long for the SUU Communication Dept. What do I love more than anything? You roomed with Pat! Ah. I hope you talked about cats and crisis communication during your pillow talk 🙂

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