It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Hey everyone! When I was on Thanksgiving break I had EVERY intention of writing a post and I totally forgot, so I apologize! Any way, I know some of you may be looking at the title and cringing. I apologize for that as well. Before Thanksgiving, I am the biggest scrooge about Christmas. Let each holiday have its own time! Now days it goes oh Halloween, CHRISTMAS! And one of my most favorite holidays is forgotten. However, after Thanksgiving I absolutely love Christmas! I love the lights that are put up and all the other gorgeous Christmas decorations that go up. I start listening to Christmas music and I am just the jolliest person you will ever meet.

A couple of days ago, I was able to help set up two gigantic trees in the Hunter Conference Center on campus! The tress turned out so pretty! Here are pictures of the two different trees 🙂

One tree…

Two tree!

After I was done decorating those trees I just HAD to decorate so more. So, on my balcony, I put icicle lights and garland. My roommate and I decorated our door into a present from Santa to us 😀

Our Christmas present door decoration. ❤

Our door isn’t the only one decorated and it makes me day. Here are some pictures of other doors decorated in my Resident Hall and one from Cedar Hall South

This is my friend across the halls Christmas Wreath 🙂

Here is a door decorated from the 1st floor!

A really pretty door down the hall from me. One of the roommates is French so the door has a little French pizazz on it! 😀

Our balcony is not the only one decorated as well. Here is one from down the hall!

The balcony door down the hall

The pretty garland!

Here is the door from Cedar Hall South

My friend Jordan’s door 🙂

Have a wonderful holiday season!! 🙂


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