Guest Blogger: Brantz & his adventures

Hi, it’s Cheri again.  Today we have a special guest blogger, my friend Brantz. Brantz, a sophomore SUU student from Castle Dale, UT, kindly agreed to step in and blog for the tbirdnation today. You might see more guest posts in the future, so check back for more!


With the end of the Thanksgiving break and returning to school I remembered a couple things:

  • I did not get any homework done over the break
  • I have about five essays due in the next two weeks
  • Finals are fast approaching
  • The world is going to end about a week after finals
  • And…I’m a superhero

Now I don’t know about you, but I find that this semester (and my life) has held such great adventures. I have done some many great things this semester and I’d just like to look back and reflect while I still can before the stress of finals and the end of the world. So, I’d like to introduce REFLECTIONS OF A SUPERHERO

Sometimes I fly with my friends
Sometimes I wear luchador masks…jus’ for fun.
Sometimes a late night fighting crime calls for a burrito run
Sometimes you need to watch soccer
Sometimes you treat yourself to pizza after you nail a job interview
Sometimes you go to football games and have fun!
Sometimes you get 36 bricks of bacon and eat it all before the semester  (and the world) ends.
Sometimes you go watch Piano Guys with your family
Sometimes you’re creative on Halloween


Sometimes the people you look up to are shorter than you


Sometimes you can’t really grow a beard so you borrow one at Walmart
Sometimes your friend invites you to dinner and you make a bunch of new friends
Sometimes your little brother is smarter than you and flies airplanes
Sometimes you go on dates with cute girls
Sometimes you play guitar on your backporch
Sometimes you only pay $0.37 for a burrito at Costa Vida
Sometimes the sunsets over Cedar are the best in the world.. I’ll miss them when the world ends.

Thanks for the guest post, Brantz!


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