Autumn Sweater

Once upon a time the week was over! I was tired and ready for the weekend.

Last Friday night, my weekend started with a super fun date consisting of dinner, bowling, and radio-active orange smashing (sounds fun, eh?). I won at bowling, by the way. I bowled a huge 101. Breaking 100 is kind of a big deal for me. Those activities weren’t even the end of the night! Fellow #tbirdnation blogger Cheri hosted a super fun ugly sweater party in conjunction with her birthday. It was lot of fun to get together with friends, play games, and unwindulax in preparation for a laborious weekend (when I manually moved a ton of dirt at my house).

Here are some pictures of some truly ugly sweaters.

Cheri and I looking spectabulous in our sweaters.

Dylan, Taylor, Courtney, and Cheri work those fashion crimes of polyester.

Sam classically photobombing Jaclyn, Courtney, and Jessica.

Ugly sweater parties definitely bring out the fun side in you and you’re able to see everyone’s unique, quirky personalities. It also brings out your competitive side when you play games, especially CatchPhrase (my personal favorite party game).

This party was sponsored by the local thrift shops.


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