Boundless Journeys

No, this isn’t a space adventure post or a story about journeying to new lands without any boundaries, but it is a post about taking a moment and being guided in different worlds through dance. Boundless Journeys is a student/faculty dance concert that was put on this last week. There were four performing nights. I was lucky enough to attend Friday and Saturday’s showing for free with a valid Student I.D. There were a total of 12 performances and a 15 minute intermission after the 6th performance. The concert lasted about two hours in the Randall L. Jones Theater.

Each dance was quite different in culture, pace, and props. The first dance paid tribute to Scotland. One dance included ninjas who had Chinese fans. Another dance took props to a different meaning by using a black backdrop that was covered in shiny lights to showcase a starry night sky while adding a variety of falling confetti colors. A very peculiar dance used coffee cans to demonstrate poverty and had many dancers attempt a balancing act in the middle of the performance. I was quite impressed by the usage of props this year.

There was a duet called “Heart of Dance” that was a tearjerker for me. This dance was about breast cancer and the effects of it on family and friends. My favorite was the last dance called “Moment of Impact.” I felt like it was about friendship and the effects of impacting one’s life by being a good friend. What’s cool about dance is that a lot of people can be watching the same thing and interpret things differently. I felt “wowed,” sad, and inspired in those two hours.

During “Swerve,” photo courtesy by Heidi Powell.

Photography and videos are prohibited, but my friend Heidi Powell has provided one from photo call! You’ll just have to come next year to watch it! It’s quite worth it. I wanted to go all four nights, but life can get pretty busy. If you can’t make it to all performances next year, do come to at least one!


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