A Night At The Opera

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but SUU is the best school ever! Every experience whether academic, athletic, extracurricular, or just flat-out fun, has contributed immensely to my experience as a member of the #tbirdnation. My most recent experience was participating in SUU Opera’s production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic opera in one act Trial by Jury.

Quick synopsis: Edwin is engaged to marry Angelina. Edwin “falls in love” with another and breaks the engagement. Angelina sues for “damages.” In 19th c. England, an engagement was a binding contract, so litigation for breaking an engagement (or breech of promise) was totally feasible. Edwin is a player. Angelina wants to marry someone. The Judge is wild. The jury is biased. The plaintiff wants to win. And the audience laughs. A lot.

I played Edwin half the time and a juryman the other half. My favorite part of doing this was getting to know some more people. It wasn’t just vocal performance majors who participated (obviously, as I am music education), but also theatre and communication. I was able to interact with people that I never would have known if it wasn’t for the opera.
In many institutions freshmen don’t get cast in main parts, or they are fortunate to make it into the ensemble. But I’m a freshman! In fact, there were many freshmen who participated in the production.
I love SUU’s music department. It’s intimate. We know each other. We have dedicated, qualified, professional faculty and staff who not only see where you are, but they are able to see your potential.
If you’re interested in participating in the performing arts without majoring in them, opportunities abound at SUU to do so.

Ok. So here are some pictures (not of the actual production. Sorry).

As a juryman. Is that a sock puppet? Yes. Yes it is. Sock puppets made a hilarious appearance and helped us sing. Suzanne from O-Chem, Sockie, me, and fellow #tbirdnation blogger Becky. Photo courtesy of Suzanne.

The following photos are courtesy of Ariel Tholen.

The whole cast after the closing show.

Edwin, the defendant, loves the ladies. These ladies were bridesmaids to Angelina, the plaintiff. Alisha F, me, Annie P. And we got photobombed by the Judge. Nice.

Following strike, a few of us headed over to Denny’s to load up on carbs and Dr. Pepper. We then went to Cedar City’s birthday party, and then to my house to watch Mean Girls.

This was an experience that I will treasure forever.


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