Orchestra of Southern Utah

“Let us not die with our music still in us.” ~Spencer W. Kimball

If you’ve ever read any of my Tbirdnation posts before, I hope you’ve come to realize two things: I love my school and I’m becoming increasingly invested in the Cedar City. This is my fourth year living here and I’m knee-deep in my fourth season with the community symphony: The Orchestra of Southern Utah. For more than 100 years OSU has been bringing music to the hearts and souls of listeners. The group is comprised of dozens of volunteer musicians made up of SUU students, professors, dean(s), as well as many many many other residents of Cedar City and surrounding areas. I was invited to play string bass with the group by conductor Xun Sun when I was playing with some of SUU’s music groups and I’ve never looked back. They are a joy to play with and a delight to listen to. Click here to view OSU’s official web page. By going here you can get links to their Facebook, blog, Twitter, YouTube Channel, LinkedIn account, and more!

Last night was OSU’s “Beethoven, Brahms, & Strauss” concert. A beautiful event. An awesome crowd. Fantastic music. Lots of memories. Wanna see pictures? Yes. I’m sure you do.

A simple stage can hold a lot of chairs but more importantly, a lot of promise.

This is the view from my corner of the stage. Don’t tell on me for taking pictures during the concert.

Lobby music for your listening enjoyment before the real concert.

Suzanne and me…yet again. Pictured here you see one SUU grad student and one SUU O-chem professor. Because we’re cool like that and cool like this.

Even after our decades of musical involvement (if you combine our years), we still get a bit nervous.

Those pre-concert moments are exciting for everyone! (PS…the flutist you see here is yet another SUU grad student!)

The group is made up of all ages from high school students to some players in their 70’s, and even June Thorley who has passed her 90th birthday. Here are two of our more “advanced” musicians sitting backstage waiting for the concert to begin.

We always get a good turn out of international SUU students at our concerts. They appreciate all Cedar City has to offer!

A few more international students with their instructor Nina who plays cello.

OSU’s next concert will be the first weekend of December, performing none other than Handel’s Messiah. The annual event has been an inter-faith tradition in Cedar City for (I think) close to 70 years. I recommend attending so you can begin to appreciate not only your Cedar community, but also more specifically, the Orchestra of Southern Utah.


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