Election Day!

Today was quite a landmark for me. I voted for the first time in my life! It was a lot more simple than I thought it’d be. The line was fairly short, too, considering I waited until the last day. I’m happy to have played a part in this country’s history.

Oh the joy of voting has spread far within my body.

Later, my friends threw an election party. We got together in their apartment and watched CNN from 6 to 10 pm with pizza, oreos, root beer floats, chips, and cupcakes! Unfortunately, if you weren’t invited to the party and stopped by, it sort of looks like we had a hardcore party. You could even say that we were “election-wasted.”

Fancy decorations provided by the poor college students.


One of the fun things we did while watching CNN was color in the maps either red or blue and count up the electoral votes. I was fairly distracted by the people in the room so I did not color one. Oh and Geography came back into play of my life. It was quite fun when everyone would ask “Where’s Ohio!?” and “Iowa is the I in MIMAL!” etc. My new friend, Spencer, went as far as quizzing me on some of the Eastern states. I certainly need to brush up on my Geography!

Watch the election outcome with friends and/or family. It’s quite funner than doing it alone at home.



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