This Is Halloween!

As I sit at my desk pondering last week, I honestly don’t remember much.

It flew by really fast.

I’ve been really busy teaching violin and viola lessons, an orchestra class, and going to opera rehearsals for the Department of Music’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury. Plus the usual stuff I do (e.g. not failing classes)

But I do remember Halloween. Halloween is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas). It’s fun wearing disguises to confuse the specters from the unseen world. Although I personally don’t believe that specters are going to torment me if they see me, I still enjoy costuming-up and eating myself sick with candy.

I dressed up with a friend, Ali, as a zombie. She was a rock zombie and I was an 80’s Thriller-inspired zombie. Ali found the cool makeup idea on Pinterest. It took about two hours to do. I used the same costume for The SCREAM and for Halloween.

Me and Ali in our official picture from The SCREAM. Pretty gruesome, eh?

Halloween was spent at school. Did I wear my nasty zombie face to school? Yes, I did (It inspired me to write a children’s book called Zombie Goes to School). Some people were grossed out. Others thought it was pretty rad. There were even a couple of people that got nauseous when they looked at me (public apology shout-out if my makeup made you sick to your stomach!).

Halloween night was spent in the company of many great fellow T-Birds at various gatherings around Cedar City.

Highlights of the night:

Even zombies have a soft spot for adorable puppies! Photo by Ginny Romney. 

Winning the “Scariest” category in a costume contest. We have some creative costumes at this party of fellow T-birds: hippie, lumberjack, Morton Salt Girl, UDOT worker, Waldo, Robot, 50’s Fellow, Devil, and a Classy Lady in a Mask. Photo by Rachel Stephenson.

When surrounded by these great people (and cute puppies), troubles from my life seemed to melt away. I’m so glad to know such outstanding (and creative) individuals in the #tbirdnation.

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