Fall Break!!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted lately I was so busy with midterms, but they have come and gone and now I have time. 🙂 So  fall break was a few weeks ago and I went to Compton, California. It was a long drive (seven hours) to the first stop (where my ride lives) and another three on public transportation. It was totally worth it. Sunday ended up being my the best day because I went to the Happiest place on Earth…Disneyland! with my mom and friends it was an early birthday for my mom since I was going to be in Utah for her birthday so we celebrated early, and we were  walking and standing in line for rides for about 16 hours. And not only were we in Disneyland but we had park hopper tickets that let us bounce back in fourth from Disneyland to California Adventure and that was my first time there we visit the Carsland part of California Adventure and got on the Hollywood House of Terror and at the end of the day for California Adventure we saw the show the festival of colors (show is not picture-taking friendly lol). Disneyland during this time had the Halloween theme so when we visited the ride the Haunted Mansion it was based on the Nightmare Before Christmas as well as Space Mountain that has a monster terrorizing you while on the ride. Monday was just a kickback day for me and my mom since we were so tired from Sunday and that my siblings had school that day, schools in California don’t have fall break. And Tuesday was back to traveling to cold Utah on our way back we saw a lot of cars with either SUU stickers or license plates heading back to Cedar City. It was a very fun fall break which made it harder to get back to the working and studying.

Me and my mom she scared of my driving -_-

My mom, Ivan, and Me on Cars Land

Me and my mom on a water ride she got all wet lol


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