Cedar Livestock Festival & Sheep Parade

There are some pretty grand benefits to living in a place like Cedar City, Utah, and I’m not just talking about Southern Utah University, folks! Cedar City deserves some serious awards when it comes to community activities and involvement. Their annual calendar is full of regular/annual community events and it seems there’s something going on here all the time. This last weekend–October 27, 2012–was Cedar’s annual “Livestock and Heritage Festival.”  Didn’t know it existed? Well they’re legit…they even have a whole web page dedicated to it. My friend Suzanne (remember her from this post?) and I teamed up for some good old fashioned livestock-parade-viewing last Saturday. Pure, small town joy: that’s what it was. Here are some pictures so you can begin to understand what it is you missed and what you have to look forward to next year. Everybody loves a parade.

The parade featured all things Livestock-y: vintage tractors, horses, farm equipment old and new, lots of animals, a fiddling group, a square dancing group, a dog-walking group, and even the occasional llama.

Being the city girl that I am, I’m super fascinated by things like this. Its good for me to be somewhere like Cedar so I can begin to see what country-life might be like. It’s a whole other culture as far as I’m concerned.

The grand finale to the parade every year has to be the sheep. Approximately 1,000 sheep from up on Cedar Mountain are herded right down Main Street for all the spectators to see. And I tell you what, it’s quite a sight, and not just for city-folk like me! (Click here to read more about it.) Pictures don’t really capture the experience, but at least you can get a general feel for what its like to see something like a herd of sheep on Cedar’s Main Street.


After the parade the Livestock Festival included a variety of events at the Cross Hollows Event Center, but Suzanne and I opted instead for breakfast at the Main Street Grill. And if I’m still around next year, I can hardly wait to go to the parade again as well as some of the other events. SUU is part of an amazing community; Cedar City allows Tbird-nation-ers to really enjoy some of the simple things in life…like 1,000 sheep on Main Street on a random October morning!


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