SUU’s biggest dance of the year, The Scream formerly known as The Howl was last Friday night. The theme was similar to Monsters Inc. with doors hanging from the ceiling, doors decked out in decorations, and doors in the official photos. There were also cool scream-o-meters laying around as props for the photos. We had the following events take place during the Scream: a dance with DJ Marcus Wing, a comedian, a hypnotist, a photobooth, caricature & tattoo artists, a costume contest, spook alley, dance performances by Orchesis & Ballroom with free Monster Energy Drinks.

Free Monster Energy Drinks were handed out during The Scream.

A portrait of me according to one of the caricature artists. I was drinking a Sprite at the time so he decided to factor that in the drawing, haha.

I got to volunteer and help set up for The Scream. I learned that it definitely is a long process with a huge amount of teamwork needed. It was a lot of fun to be with my fellow students to put together The Scream! I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the cool decorations while I was setting up, sorry!

Students get in for $10 with student I.D. while non-students pay $15. I love that The Scream caters to all. If you don’t like spray on tattoos, maybe you’ll enjoy the dance floor  or the comedian or the hypnotist, etc. It’s just so great that you get what you bargain for! One of my favorite things about The Scream is when Orchesis performs. Orchesis is the modern dance company at SUU. They never fail to disappoint me. I personally cannot dance or do anything at all concerning music, but when I watch these great girls perform, I become so proud and happy of their hard work and effort to put on exceptional performances.

Make sure you come to The Scream when you’re at SUU! Oh, and Happy Halloween!

My friends, Jessica, Dakota, and I taking an official photo at The Scream.


One thought on “SCREAMED

  1. “One of my favorite things about The Scream is when Orchesis performs. Orchesis is the modern dance company at SUU and they never fail to disappoint me.”

    Proof reading is an important part of writing! 😎

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